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Gujarat Earthquake 

Earthquake Girl Prutha Desai's First Painting Exhibition


Report - Aadariyana Village School Rebuilding

Report- Earthquake on schools of patdi

[ UPDATE 1] - 13 MAR

[ UPDATE 2] - 30 MAR

[ UPDATE 3 ] - 21 APR

[ UPDATE 4 ] - 9 MAY

[ UPDATE 5 ] - 8 JUNE

[ UPDATE 6 ] - 24 JULY

[ UPDATE 7 ] - 16 AUG


[ Update  Zadiyana ] - 30 APRIL

[ Update Zadiyana ] - 22 MAY


Dear Friend,

On 26 March we did the bhoomi pooja of the new school ( pl see photo attached-old broken school, tent school, bhoomi pooja celebrations , and an artists impression of the new school ). Almost 800 men,wome,and students from the village were there. The Director ,3 students and a parent of The Sri Ram School, Delhi came all the way for the pooja, thank you TSRS. It was a simple pooja,some patriotic songs and dances by the children, no VIPs, no speeches, it was liked by all. They told me that it was the first time that all communities in the village participated in an event together ( sad, but makes you feel good, too) . Here is what the Principal of a well-known High School in Ahmedabad who attended the function wrote to me:

         Yesterday was a unique experience. I have been to many such functions but have never seen such wonderful organization even at a distance of 150 kms. I think the team spirit in Eklavya and Core is exemplary and every man takes full responsibility for the work assigned . I strongly believe now in all that you say about high standards
and high expectation of quality work. It was a treat attending and being part of all that happened yesterday and I have learnt a lot.

The villagers now say that the earthquake was good for them ! Mr Ajit Chaudhuri ( ED of Care Today, associate of India Today) was also there, he has committed Rs 6 lacs to fund the library in the school. Thanks Ajit, thanks Care Today. Out of 30,000 primary schools run by GoG hardly 100-200 have a library ! Ours will not be a huge library, a modest one, size 500 square feet, but still very nice for the children. Some books and journals for the educators, too.

Here is a comment I received from someone who read Update-1:

         I am, however, concerned that the schools that are being rebuilt are a significant improvement to the ones that were there before. I think that the earthquake can only be considered a blessing in disguise, as you mentioned during our meeting, if people know what to do with the opportunity. And, unfortunately, I don't think many do...

So, I read your latest update with great interest. The fist & cube exercises detailed in the attachment were fascinating. I hope that other teams working in Gujarat Earthquake relief effort are able to build relationships as effectively as yours!

If possible, please add the following people to your mailing list. It will be of great benefit to all of us to follow in Eklavya's footsteps if we want to build great schools in Gujarat....

We have received the formal OK from the Education Department, Govt of Gujarat,Gandhinagar.

So far the collections are about Rs 33 lacs, we need 103. It really does not worry me, the enthusiasm with which people are giving, and the committment with which I see people in Core and Eklavya and The Sri Ram School working, I feel proud of being involved in such a fantastic project.

Next update after 2 weeks.

Fond regards

Sunil Handa


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