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Gujarat Earthquake 

Earthquake Girl Prutha Desai's First Painting Exhibition


Report - Aadariyana Village School Rebuilding

Report- Earthquake on schools of patdi

[ UPDATE 1] - 13 MAR

[ UPDATE 2] - 30 MAR

[ UPDATE 3 ] - 21 APR

[ UPDATE 4 ] - 9 MAY

[ UPDATE 5 ] - 8 JUNE

[ UPDATE 6 ] - 24 JULY

[ UPDATE 7 ] - 16 AUG


[ Update  Zadiyana ] - 30 APRIL

[ Update Zadiyana ] - 22 MAY

Dear Friend,

Here is a brief summary of what's happening at the Aadariyana School:

         Civil work going on at good speed, 98 persons at site ( includes labour, masons, carpenters, fitters, and civil engineers ), Rs 8 lacs work done so far, you can see 2 photos attached Contractor says end-August work will be over, if so it'll be some sort of a record, worst case we'll do the inauguration on 26 Oct ( Dussehra-day, very auspicious in Gujarat )

         Kalpesh Dave from Core has volunteered to stay in the village for 6 months, in a tent at site, and supervise the work ( thanks Kalpesh, we really appreciate this ). There is now a phone at site, so comm. is easier.

         Govt of Gujarat has announce cement and steel at concessional prices for Earthquake Relief work ( no taxes) but the notification says this is ' for private buildings', thus if we make a house for someone we get conessional price cemet+steel, but not if we make a school, since it's not 'private' ! So we have sought an amenment, obviously it is an oversight, but this gives you an idea of the kind of things taking energy which ought not to.

         All donations which we have received are 100% tax-exempt for the donor.

         Collections stand at Rs 64 lacs, ABB company has given the highest donation Rs 19.4 lacs, its a measure of the trust they have put in this project ( thanks Mr Kaura and ABB team), Care Today of India Today has confirmed Rs 5 lacs,its in their latest issue, so the new total is Rs 69 lacs.

Eklavya Institute of Teachers Education students and faculty did a survey in 82 villages of Patdi Dt to determine the extent of damage to schools, report is submitted to Govt, is highly appreciated, needless to say the effort was pro-bono. Cover of the report can be seen in the attachment, if anyone wants a copy pl ask me, I'll email it.

That's it for now,

Fond regards

Sunil Handa



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