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Gujarat Earthquake 

Earthquake Girl Prutha Desai's First Painting Exhibition


Report - Aadariyana Village School Rebuilding

Report- Earthquake on schools of patdi

[ UPDATE 1] - 13 MAR

[ UPDATE 2] - 30 MAR

[ UPDATE 3 ] - 21 APR

[ UPDATE 4 ] - 9 MAY

[ UPDATE 5 ] - 8 JUNE

[ UPDATE 6 ] - 24 JULY

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[ Update  Zadiyana ] - 30 APRIL

[ Update Zadiyana ] - 22 MAY

Dear Friend,

Here is a brief summary of what’s happening at the Aadariyana School:

  • Civil works going on well, about Rs. 13 lacs work done so far, for 5 rooms the slab will be cast on 18 May (so hopefully school can start in these rooms on 11 June while the rest of the construction goes on …), there is an acute water shortage, the village borewell has failed, so we spend a lot of money ( and effort ) to get water from far away, water is needed for construction and curing. Please see 2 photos taken on 2 May, attached.

  • The village people are cooperating in the project very well. Many people who have tractors give it for site-use free of cost, the school is a few feet above road level-this requires lot of ‘filling’, the village people excavate the earth from the pond, fill it in tractor, and bring it to site, we have to do only unloading. There are many other ways in which the total involvement of the village is helping bring the civil costs down. Also the contractors is not charging any profit margin, he is also not charging many of the usual overheads.

  • Many item suppliers are also charging less money than they normally do, and are also giving additional facilities free like delivery at site. Cement and steel are still being purchased at market prices(remember my last Update saying that the Govt GR excludes public buildings, and that we have made a representation)

  • So it looks that we will be very much within the budget estimates. And have some extra money left-over.

  • M/s. ABB gave a cheque of Rs. 19.42 lacs (about 5000 employees all over India gave one day salary and a 3-man committee looked at various projects going on in Gujarat Earthquake Rehabilitation and decide to give the entire fund to Eklavya Earthquake Relief Fund.)

  • India Today magazine subsidiary Care Today gave Rs. 5 lacs to us for the purpose of making a library we have to write "supported by Care Today – India Today group".

  • Some time in February an organisation in Delhi called "Kids for Kids International" organised a run of 3000 children. 1000 children wore saffron colour T-shirts, 1000 children wore T-shirts and 1000 children wore green T-shirts. The run was flagged off by the President of India. Kapil Dev and P.T.Usha also ran. This was a fund raising idea and they generated about Rs. 40 lacs out of which in a small sober ceremony yesterday in Delhi they gave Mr. Rajiv Mehta , Executive Director-Core a Cheque of Rs. 19.55 lacs towards Eklavya Aadariyana project. One person from USA who was present at the ceremony was so moved that he wrote a Cheque of USD 1000 0n-the-spot.

  • So now we have about Rs. 90.2 lacs, we are very close to our target of Rs. 103 lacs.

  • What happens if we get more money ? Should we do one more school? In the same cluster, or in another cluster ? If it is in the same cluster, then it is easy for us, it will also not be such a big school.

  • Another suggestion given was to keep 5-10 lacs in a Fixed Deposit in the name of the school and use the interest for the following:

  • give scholarships to 3 top Std # 7 students and fund their education upto 12, and even lateron if suitable

  • buy magazines and books in the library every year

  • replenish Science lab every year

  • About Rs. 25,000 – 50,000 pa is est to be the cost of organising 4 functions a year, eg inter-school cultural competition(amongst 11 nearby schools, from class 1-7, songs, dance etc etc, there will be prizes, etc, all 11 villages will come together for this event). There will be other events like this every year on sports etc.

I invite your suggestions on what to do with the extra money

  • The Vice-Principal of the Aadariyana School Shri Kirtibhai Raval expired on 29 April due to a heart attack, he was 45 years old. May his soul rest in peace.

That’s it for now

Fond regards

Sunil Handa

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