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 UPDATE 8  26 OCT 

[ Zadiyana ] - 30 APRIL

[ Zadiyana ] - 22 MAY

Dear Friend,


  • 26 October, 2001 will remain in memory for ever. The formal ceremony for the inauguration of Aadariyana School was a very emotional and an overwhelming event. More than 1000 people were there and everyone was very happy and took pride in a project well done, achieved together, with cooperation, and harmony.


Everyone from Eklavya and other organisations (who were involved directly or indirectly in the project) were given lot of respect, lot of love and lot of affection by the village people. It made us cry and feel very humble and very good.

About 10,000 people have contributed towards the building of this project (this includes employees of several companies who have given one day salary and the companies gave the money to Eklavya.) There was a spontaneous applause when I made this fact known in my speech. With what wires is the love and humanity of these 10,000 donors soldered to the 5000 people of the village? It was a most wonderful day for the village, for Eklavya, for everyone.

All the students and all the teachers thanked the donors again and again, many many times over, and were very grateful for the help they have received. It is very difficult for me to convey in words the great amount of love, affection, regard, and the feeling of gratitude for their good luck, person after person expressed in their brief speeches.

All the Principals of the 9 schools have signed and given me a statement which says ( a rough translation from their Gujarati ) : " We undersigned Principals of these schools, will support whatever you ask, during day or night, by tan-man-or dhan, in this Bhagirathi task done by you ".

All those people who have given their money and time and energy and best wishes for the fulfillment of this project will receive crores of blessings from thousands of people of Aadariyana village.

  • The Teacher Training Programme is going on very well; so far it has been conducted three times over the following dates:


                -    31 August, 1 & 2 September

                -    28, 29 & 30 September

                -    27 & 28 October.

           The next programme is now on 30 November, 1 & 2 December.

In each month we invite an "inspirational speaker". A person who started very poor and very low in life, almost zero, and who has reached fairly good levels. When he talks about his life, the struggles, the values which helped him, and since he is talking about himself, it is very sincere and an emotionally moving account. We find that it never fails in creating an impact.

Every month we also video tape a teacher and his classroom for about one hour (while he is holding a normal class) and then during the training programme we replay the tape again and again and everyone joins in appreciating and critiquing. "Why is your back turned, do you not see those 3 students at the back doing mischief". "You should not look at your notes so often, you should prepare well". "I like the way you walk around the class"…. so many comments.

This is a very simple but dramatic way of inducing improvement in the teacher. They can see themselves in the video, a fairly rigorous analysis of their teaching style, blind spots, energy level,etc is made and shared with them. We have so far done for 8 teachers and now everyone wants his class to be videoed first !

  • So far about Rs.80 lacs have been spent in civil works, electrical, plumbing, furniture, books, lab equipments, and some miscellaneous expenses.


  • I am attaching some photographs for you.

With fond regards

Sunil Handa


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