Visitors to Eklavya 


Visitors are welcome to Eklavya on any Saturday of the month, between 9.00 am and 12 noon.

Please send an e-mail one week in advance of the date of your visit to eklavya@eklavya.org stating the purpose of the visit and names of people visiting.

You are welcome to visit the campus after receiving a confirmation to your e-mail.

(In lieu of the e-mail you may phone Ritaben Patel on 079-26466416 or meet her on the 6th floor at Core House, Near Apollo Hospital Collection Centre, Near Parimal Garden, Off C G Road)

As soon as you reach the campus please meet at the receptionist. She will give you a ‘Self guided tour map’ of Eklavya. You may follow the map and take a tour of the campus.

 While on the campus please remember the following –

-         You are free to go all around the campus but please do not enter a class or disturb an activity on the ground or elsewhere.

-         Please do not use your mobile on the campus.  In fact we would like you to switch off your mobiles during your visit.  Using the mobile on the campus will be liable to a fine of Rs. 1000/- and confiscation of the mobile.

-         Please talk softly.

-         In case of any queries/ questions please ask  at the receptionist at the end of your visit. Please do not ask any educator, staff or student.  

 We hope you enjoy the visit.



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