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Shravaneeyam 4 – 2023-24




                                                       Shravaneeyam 4 – 2023-24 

We take great pride in presenting Shravaneeyam 4 . The journey of Shravaneeyam started in 2003, when we released Shravaneeyam 1, followed by Shravaneeyam 2 and 3 in 2006 and 2008. Shravaneeyam 1 and 2 were a reflection of our culture, a collection of shlokas, mantras, prayers and songs. Shravaneeyam 3 was a collection of songs, stories, speeches, bhajans , poems and instrumental pieces by about 550 students and teachers of Eklavya. 

Now we are releasing the 4th edition. ‘Shravaneeyam’ is an effort to document the voices of students and educators. Some years or decades down the line, when our students look back and hear their voices in ‘Shravaneeyam - 4’, it will bring a smile on their faces as they recollect what they sounded like as kids. 

Shravaneeyam is a labour of love, a culmination of the efforts of our students and educators. As a wise person has said, 99% is the process and only 1% is the result. Our students have thoroughly enjoyed and contributed to the process and we hope you, the audience, enjoy the result. 

In this edition of ‘Shravaneeyam’, we have attempted to capture the voices of each and every student and educator of Eklavya. They have sung, recited poems, dialogues and even said stories, riddles and jokes. Each student has contributed a drop to this ocean. 

We have made school wise folders - 4 folders- Pre School, Junior School, Middle School and Senior School. In each folder , the items are arranged alphabetically. To make it convenient to find particular items, we have made an index with names of students and educators, alphabetically arranged- as is the music folder arranged, items and approximate time of each item. 

We hope you enjoy listening to these beautiful voices. 

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