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 Laughter the Best Medicine: 

Like many girls her age, my daughter, was mesmerized by the movie Titanic.When she came home crying after seeing the film for the first time, I asked her what what part she found so sad. "I'm not crying about the movie,'' she said in between sobs. "I'm crying because Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't even know I exist!"  

Our money-conscious 12 year-old went to the store to have her very first film developed. She was told the rate for a one-hour service and the cheaper charge if she collected the pictures in three day's time. "What if I leave it with you for a month?" she asked. 

My son was apprehensive about a long wait when we visited a hospital for tests. Looking around, he commented. "Most waiting rooms have magazines, but this one has novels. Is that a bad sign?" 

After teaching high school for nearly 20 years, I thought I'd heard every possible excuse for missing homework until one parent sent me this note "Please excuse Ajay for not submitting her Algebra homework. The cat had kittens on it last night."  

The parents of four young children, my husband and I often find our house looking like a war zone. I am therfore very impressed when friends who have children maintain a tidy home. We once vistied friends whose two kids were allowed to play with only one toy at a time. As we were leaving, I said, "To look at their house, you'd never know kids even leave there." 
"Yes," agreed my husband. "But to look at our house, you'd never know adults live there!"
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