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Unlike in India, where computers are just entering the classroom, they have been used in schools for a few years in some countries like the US. "Not very successfully", say the skeptics. It is arguable that appropriate educational software has been unavailable to truly exploit the computer's potential. It appears that such software is just beginning to become available, and will hopefully allow the computer's potential to be used more fully.   


Yet another encyclopedia.  A newest way I discovered to learn the entire range of subjects like Maths, Science, Geography, History, Philosophy, Psychology and more and more, the list is never ending. If problems are there then this CD has solutions. Solutions of every kind and nature. More importantly the whole encyclopedia is cool with its multimedia animations on the subjects. It makes the subject more interesting and likeable. Want to know history of America? Who was Columbus? Where is Indonesia? Which are traditional festivals of India? and there are more and more 'who?'  'what?' 'where?' 'how?'. You ask it the encyclopedia will say, guide, and explain it you? 
Worth checking if you are in a search of something. 

Dorling Kindersley Multimedia,  
95, Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 call 1-800-356-6575 


I have made a complete journey of science, and I am not joking! Ask me anything and I will answer with the help of my dear CD. Yes, this CD is my helper to guide me to a complete journey through the history of science. A very exciting way of learning the science. I do find what I want to find, say for e.g. If I want to know what the chemical properties of air? Or who made the atom bomb? Or what is Electro-magnetic spectrum Or when was what made? etc. etc. Besides getting the desired answer, I even can get to know the history of the particular person or thing related! Amazing ways are created to make the story of various science objects interesting that are linked to special multimedia effects and animations. I just enjoy this because this because I am able to search my desired science item and get the history of it. 

Tools For Information Society.  
8758 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90034 
Call (310) 841-2790 

Chronicle of the 20th Century   

Travel into the past. Surf through the events starting from the year 1901 to the year 1996. Be it biographies, or political revolution, wars, industrial revolution or any other important events in the history of the world. Want to have the entire description of the Gulf war, the Vietnam war, the World war, or even the if you want to look at the brighter side of the history as such of the technological advances, the cultural changes, space exploration or any other you can think of. Beautiful collection of biographies of Muhammad Ali, Albert Einstein, Indira Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, Maria Montessori, Mother Teresa the list is unending. 
The whole of the 20th century is complied into one CD, so before jumping to the 21st century check this out..  

DK Multimedia.  
9, Henrietta Street  
London, WC23 8PS  
visit: http://www.dk.com

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