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  Eklavya Education Foundation came into being in the year 1996 with a mission to revolutionize school education in India. It is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation established by young professionals, educators and businessmen to set up and run schools and teacher training colleges in a professional, modern and ethical manner. 

Brief Introduction: 

In the year 1986 a company named Core Emballage Ltd formulated its investment philosophy, which simply put, is: 

  • The first rupee earned will be reinvested in productive assets (more machines and more sales people)
  • The second rupee earned will go to the employees in terms of better salaries, working conditions, etc.
  • The third rupee earned will go to the shareholders.
  • The fourth rupee earned will go back to the society, from where, in a way, all the  four rupees are being earned.

Over a period of time there was intense debate and brainstorming on how to spend the 'fourth rupee'. Many suggestions were put forward some believed that the fourth rupee should go into building an orphanage, aid for drought and relief fund, building a temple etc., but the way to spend this sum was not found.  

After two years Core finally decided to: 
Set up and run educational institutions (schools, colleges, ITIs etc.) of a very high standard of excellence. 
And a non-governmental, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization was born and this was - Eklavya - which was initially supported by Core, but is now on its own. 

Eklavya's Philosophy: 

Eklavya believes that education is an infrastructure, atleast, as important as nation's roads, electricity and telecom. It plays a fundamental role in determining the prosperity and well-being of its citizens. Progressive nations have strategically invested heavily in education on a long term basis. 

Education is also the only 'real', long term solution to the problem and challenges faced by a nation. The nature of education determines  the character and skills of the next generation and more specifically, pre-primary and primary education are the most crucial, as they deal with the ages when the basic character of an individual is formed. 

Eklavya's mission is to work towards bringing about a revolution in the field of school education through a multi-pronged approach. Broadly, Eklavya will: 

  • set up and run high quality schools,
  • work to create conditions that will attract the best minds to the field of education including creating such persons through high quality training.
  • work to integrate parents and other members of the community in the educational process, and
  • encourage and aid adoption of relevant modern technology as a significant educational enabler.

Eklavya's approach is a hands-on one. It will seek to influence more by practice, than by precept, say, trying to influence at a policy level. High quality schools, effective teacher training programmes and demonstrated improvements in teaching methods would be Eklavya's desired vehicles of change. 

The central aim and purpose of all education is the child. Eklavya believes that every child is unique and has inborn gifts and talent. The role of the school and its teachers is to help the child discover and develop her talents by focusing individually on her, and not in a "mass production manner".   


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