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This is the most exciting section of the Eklavya's website.  

So in this section, I present the articles or say the 'masterpiece' written by various schools across Ahmedabad. Just surf through!  

Below are soem poems presented by Mount Carmel School, Ahmedabad. 

(Young readers are requested to send their 'masterpiece'  e-mail addressed to Israrul Haque).

By Maithili Parikh 
Mount Carmel High School, Ahmedabad 

There was a bird, 
Sitting on a tree, 
Who used to give me, 
An apple free. 

The apple was big, 
Juiscy and round, 
And if I didn't catch it. 
It would fall on the ground. 

The tree was fat, 
Tall and big, 
And it would take me, 
A hundered years to dig. 

'O' Thank youLord for the apple tree 
And the bird that gives me,  
An apple free. 

By Chaitasi Tushar Shah  
Mount Carmel High School, Ahmedabad 
New friends and old friends 
They are silver these are gold 
They come near when in danger 
They stand ahead in danger 
Friends are friends afterall 
When the old ones' die, the new one's should take their place. 
Keep the new, but don't forget the old 
They are silver and gold. 
By Dhara K. Ahuja 
Mount Carmel High School, Ahmedabad 

Politics is at top gear, 
But politicians do not share; 
They run behind the 'chair', 
So, they pull each other's hair. 

On getting chair people are seen around, 
They do not sit at moral grounds' 
The lounder it sounds. 

When they don't stay, 
They have to pay; 
They are not gay- 
This is my say. 

By Palomi V C 
Mount Carmel High School, Ahmedabad 

For want of a nail  
the shoe was lost 

For want of a shoe 
The horse was lost 

For want of a horse 
The rider was lost 

For want of a rider 
The battle was lost 

For want of a battle 
The kingdom was lost 

And all for want of  

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