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 60 Ways To Say ĎWell Doneí

Thatís super

Spot on

I like it

Super stuff

Really great

What a good try


Clever (boy/girl)

Iím impressed

What a brainwave

You do work well

Very imaginative

Nice try

Thatís good work


Well remembered

Good logic

Excellent work

Good thinking

Youíre a star

You are doing well

Great try

Quick thinking

Well done

Well figured out

I like that


You are doing great

Youíve done really well

Keep on trying

You show real promise

You have great ideas

Youíve mastered it

Well thought out

Youíve fitted a lot in

How imaginative you are

Good problem solving

What a perfect example

Well worked through

Iím very proud of you

Iím proud of your work

You are really tuned into work today

Itís a pleasure to see you work like that.

One more attempt and youíll be there

Youíre work is improving

You are a pleasure to teach

Beautiful job

Thatís good thinking

A very good try

You learn quickly

Youíve got the hang of it

Youíve done better than ever

Thatís a fine attempt

Youíre a problem solver

I couldnít have done better myself

You soon mastered that

You really stuck with it

You donít give up

Youíve got that down to a fine art


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