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There is the story of a sculptor, who, when asked what statue he was making,said, "I don't know - there is ALREADY a statue inside, I am only removing the extraneous material and it will come out on its own!" Like in that block of stone, there is, in each one of us, a beautiful and capable human being. Further, the sulptor who has to 'release' this hidden human being is none other than the individual herself.

The Eklavya logo depicts a boy carving himself out of stone. Thus, each child should aim to discover and develop her talents to the fullest. The role of the school and its educators is to provide her the opportunity and encourage her in this process. To symbolise this philosophy of self-discovery and self-learning, the name 'Eklavya' was chosen, after the tribal boy in the mythological epic Mahabharata, who taught himself archery and became the best archer of his time!


The school philosophy is reflected in its motto :

Discover Yourself

Each person must first look within and learn about herself, since this is an active, on-going exploration, the call is to discover oneself.

Be your own light

Rabindranath Tagore, in his poem Ekla Chalo Re, exhorts us to walk alone.
Another poet wrote, " When the night is dark, and there is no one to walk with you; fear not;
but burn your heart in the lamp of your rib-cage, and in its ligth, O Traveller, Walk alone!

Make your own path

Each person creates her own path by her actions. To believe that a path has to simply be found, rather than created, is to miss the opportunity and challenge of building one's own future.


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