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Eklavya School Ahmedabad, Support A Child Scheme
You can donate money to a charity or a temple or a needy cause.
But when you invest in a child you invest in the future.
You help make a LIFE.

Eklavya School, Ahmedabad is a coeducational, English medium day school. It started in June 1997, with 34 children in class 1 - 3 and now has about 1300 children in Nursery  to Class 12. 

Why Financial Assistance:

Eklavya believes that no deserving child should be deprived of quality education due to the poor economic background of her parents.

What is Financial Assistance:

Eklavya has created a fund to partially or fully subsidise the fees for students who are unable to afford the full amount. Financial assistance is purely need based and varies from 25% to 100%.

About 25% of the children in Eklavya come under what we call "Financial Assistance (FA)". Some pay almost no fees at all (may be Rs.10 per month or Rs.50 per month), some pay 1/4th fees, some pay half, and some pay 3/4th of the fees - this depends on their financial condition.

Each year they have to apply in a prescribed form, declaring their income, assets, and how much they can afford. In most cases the Financial Assistance Committee accepts what they say and grants them financial assistance asked for. Our fees are approximately Rs.2000 per month (including books, outings, bus, etc - not included is only uniform and food which they bring from home). Thus some pay Rs.10, some Rs.300, some Rs.800, some Rs.1500.... etc. Each year when they apply, the committee sees whether the parents are taking interest or have "switched off", and also if the economic situation of the family has improved, part of that should go to paying more fees, even if it is Rs.50 more per month.

Presently 189 students out of 832 are getting Financial Assistance in the following range:


No. of Students
% of fees Parents pay
0 - 10 %


11 - 25 %
26 - 50 %
51 - 75 %
5 9

76 - 100%

How Financial Assistance Fund of Eklavya is generated:

We have three sources of funds for Financial Assistance right now:

1. Donations: Individuals and Corporates donate to this fund. They can donate any amount and if they want to fully sponsor the education of a child, they have to pay Rs.2000 pm or Rs.3 lacs one shot.

2. Chairman's Contribution: Our Chairman Mr. Sunil Handa contributes every year some part of the fund from his personal funds.

Unlike monetary donation, which makes the recipient dependent, education makes the recipient independent and enables her to achieve more.


If you would like to support a child through this scheme, please send an email to sunilhanda@eklavya.org  

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