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Teachers of Tomorrow - DEBATE

              If there was only one thing we could do to improve the quality of our schools, what should that be?

Build Teachers of Tomorrow

Comments by readers

Dr. S. Kumar
Bapurao Deshmukh College of Engineering  Sewagram 
Dist. Wardha(Maharashtra)  
I am most grateful to you for sending to me your most elegantly designed poster `Building Teachers of Tomorrow’.  I have arranged to give it wide publicity among my faculty members and students numbering about 100 and 1500, respectively.  I am keenly looking forward to actively participating in the debate. 
Mr. P D Singh
Tagore Public School 
Building teachers of tomorrow is a monumental task involving prudent planning, careful implementation and constant evaluation and amending things accordingly.  

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Dr. G Govindarajan
Resource Head, 
Associate Professor of Biology/ Education  Centre for Biology Education The Choice School Campus 
Another idea is to have a serious workshop with all school principals on the subject.  It is, however, obvious to me, that at least 80% of them are “fossil principals” who are content with only recalling historical anecdotes about how their times were ... but these people will not make their own effort to change the situation now because “there is nothing in it of material value” to them.  Yet, it may be worth reaching out to the entire crowd. 

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Mr. Mathew C. Ninan,  
Little Rock Indian School 
There is a crying need to humanise our schools, making them second homes for children, a place of warmth and security, led by teachers with an ardent passion for teaching and capable of loving and motivating their children to learn more and behave better. 

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Ms. Jyotsana Sinha
St. Kabir School,  
bullet A teacher would not only teach but also inspire and facilitate learning by the students.  
bullet A teacher should possess an attitude of  “Learning with the Students”.  
bullet A teacher would Interact with children as their peer and never take the student as a child but as a grown up.  
bullet A teacher would possess enough knowledge of psychology as to understand not just the students but also their parents.  
Mr. Thomas P. Benjamin 
Institute of Rural Management 
To this, there is probably no debate in my mind.  The response should be a series of suggestions to this query.  Yet I believe the call was for a debate.  Debate begins by questioning this premise.  Build teachers of tomorrow is one of the solutions.  But is the most important.  

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We have also received comments and feedback from the following readers.

Blue Bells Model School,Gurgaon

Dr. Mahabaleshwar Rao,

Dr. T.M.A. Pai College of Education
Kunjibettu, Udupi
Mr. S R Shekar
B.V. Reddy School

Mr. Atul Bhatt

Scindia School
Mr. Manish Tanna

Vidyasagar School
Mr. Manish Tanna Principal
Vidyasagar School
Mr. Vishnu Varshney

Gujarat Venture Finance Limited
Mr. S C. Gupta

Sanathan Dharma College, Panipat

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