Teachers of Tomorrow-Series


1. If there was only one thing we   
could do to improve the quality  
of our schools, what should that   


2. According to NCERT study, 4   
out of 5 teachers of class 8 could not   
pass a Maths test they were given


3.The best training that can be given to   
develop teachers


4."He wrote this himself!!"


5."The best and the brightest go  
abraod. Next come the MBA's and   
Computer Programmers.


6. Education is an infrastructure as basic   
as Roads,Electricity and Railways


7. Architects build buildings.  
Engineers build bridges.  
Scientists build rockets.


8. Would you trust yourself or your  
children to a doctor who has earned   
his degree by correspondence?


9. Case Studies. Excursions. Projects Work.   
Visiting Faculty, Group Discussions.  


10. New professions will be born and   
old ones will die in tomorrow's  
dot com world.