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Architects build buildings.

Engineers build bridges.

Scientists build rockets.

Teachers builds Architects,Engineers and Scientists.

High quality, dedicated professionals are key to the development of any nation. Architects, Engineers and Doctors play the vital role of building infrastructure and saving lives. Behind the grand achievements of a nation - be they in the field of medicine or technology or any other - are professionals who make them possible.  

But who creates these high quality professionals themselves? Who provides the spark that ignites the imagination and capability of the few who leave their mark on future generations? When asked this question most great minds have acknowledged the key role a teacher has played in making them what they were. And more than teachers at College or University, it is the school teacher who works with children at their most impressionable ages.  

While all teachers teach, a good teacher also inspires, loves, encourages and helps her children believe in themselves and their dreams. She teaches English, History or Science, but first she teaches children. She loves her pupils, loves teaching, knows her subjects and has the requisite teaching skills.

Eklavya's Teachers of Tomorrow programme aims to develop a cadre of such teachers.  

In a regular 1 year B.Ed. programme, students teach for about 30 days in a year. At Eklavya, they spend three hours almost every day observing and teaching in a partner school for two years.  

Practical training is supported by classes which include a variety of instructional methods like case studies, excursions, projects, seminars and meetings with practising education professionals. The curriculum is a modern one designed on internationally accepted lines after studying leading teacher education programmes in India and abroad.  

Students are exposed to computers and the Internet from day one. Apart from this, one hour everyday is set aside for activities like Personality Development, Yoga, Art, Craft and Music/Dance.  

Finally, attitudinal training is a key component of the programme. After all, enthusiasm can move mountains, and more can be achieved by a group of positive-minded, enthusiastic teachers than merely capable ones  


                                                                                               Eklavya is an initiative of a group of dedicated professionals who left their jobs in Multinational Companies with a
                                                                                                    mission ofcreating India's finest teacher training institute that will develop high-quality Teachers of Tomorrow.

                                                                                                Core House, Off C. G. Road, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad-380 006 Ph: (079) 6461629 Fax: (079) 6563681
                                                                                                                        e-mail: eklavya @ ad1.vsnl.net.in Website : www.eklavya.org

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