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If there was only one thing we could do to improve the
quality of our schools, what should that be?

..Build Teachers of Tomorrow


There are many things wrong with our schools, starting from there not being enough schools, to lack of blackboards, lack of toilets, shortage of money, bad practices, corruption...the list is long.   

Time and again, however, we seen that a good teacher, with enthusiasm and committment, can beat all odds and produce great students. While many things together make a good school, probably the one overriding factor more important than all the others is the GOOD TEACHER.   

Can something be done to develop good quality teachers? Though there is probably no short term solution, what must we do today so that we may have best Teachers of Tomorrow?

Eklavya believes that, as a nation, we need a comprehensive strategy to:   
attract good students to take up careers in teaching.
give them the requisite teaching skills
develop refresher programmes for existing teachers, and 
recognise and reward excellent teachers.

These are also the goals of Eklavya's Teachers of Tomorrow initiative.   

In the coming weeks and months, we propose to engage you in a debate on these and related issues pertaining to our teachers, our education system and what we can do for them. We invite you to participate actively in this debate.

                                                                                       Eklavya is an initiative of a group of dedicated professionals who left their jobs in Multinational Companies with a mission
                                                                                       of creating India's finest teacher training institute that will develop high-quality Teachers of Tomorrow.
                                                        Core House, Off C. G. Road, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad-380 006 Ph: (079) 6461629 Fax: (079) 6563681
                                                      e-mail: eklavya @ ad1.vsnl.net.in Website : www.eklavya.org

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