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Eklavya Education Foundation's Taleem Division develops and creates novel and original educational games which stimulate, motivate, and encourage basic educational and intellectual skills.
Taleem's games are all educational and developed on the basis of modern educational research. For example, some games are based on the theory of multiple intelligences. They seek to help children develop and sharpen different intelligences, not just the linguistic or mathematical ones.
Taleem's line of educational materials is based on psychological, developmental, and educational principles which strengthen cognitive and perceptual-motor processes compatible with each child's stage of development.
The games Taleem develops emphasize active and interactive learning and play between children, family members and adults. They involve and require attentiveness, following directions, being cooperative, thinking, reasoning, and use of verbal language capabilities and visual spacial and manual dexterity. Children move from being dependent on directions to becoming independent and self-reliant.
With TALEEM's EDUCATIONAL GAMES children, siblings, parents and teachers can sit together peacefully absorbed and involved in developing their cognitive potentials. In the process they can engage in basic give and take social behaviour of a cooperative and creative nature.
Taleem materials may be used both as teaching aids in a classroom context from which point of view they are easy to replicate as well as learning games at home or during parties and outings for children and adults alike.

Teaching Learning Materials (TLM) can make learning much more effective and fun in classrooms.
Taleem is an initiative in this direction.