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Posters for Sale

Sr. No  Product Name Code Prices

Decimal Place Value

TLM-P-021 150
2 Big Numbers TLM-P-022 150
3 Circle and its Diameter TLM-P-023 150
4 Area of Circle TLM-P-024 150
5 A Story of Encouragement TLM-P-025 150
6 Cod - Liver Oil TLM-P-026 150
7 How to Live TLM-P-027 150
8 Old Ways Vs  New Ways TLM-P-028 200
9 The Animal School TLM-P-029 200
10 Maria Montessori TLM-P-030 200
11 101 Ways to Praise a child  TLM-P-031 200
12 101 Ways of Engrossing a Child in Learning. TLM-P-033 200
These are indicative prices and change. GST additional