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A       D I V I S I O N      O F      E K L A V Y A      E D U C A T I O N      F O U N D A T I O N 

  Code: TLM-Sc-004

Age: 9-16 yrs 

  Name: Geology Demonstration Kit
Each set contains

Three pieces of coloured flexible foam, three simulated rock formations of corrugated and constructions for fault demonstrations, and miscellaneous materials needed for the many demonstrations


The Geology Demonstration Kit permits students at all levels to visualize the causes and forces that shape the earth's surface. Constructional landform building actions of volcanoes, folding, and faulting can be demonstrated. Hard to define basic geologic terms, such as anticline, syncline, horst, graben, lava flow, can be defined by demonstration. Also, the action of folding and faulting, and other phenomena can be observed. Numerous projects provide a basic geologic understanding for the elementary student, or solidify concepts and introduce the advanced student to more complex subjects, such as isostatic movement and dip and strike.


Some mountains are formed by folding. The earth's crust can become extremely hot because of heat deep within the earth. This factor can cause the rocks of the crust to become plastic and pliable.

Earth movements form folds. There are two types of movements tensional and compressional. When the horizontal compressional movement acts on layers of sediments, they get folded forming mountains. Layers of rock are forced upward, forming `wrinkles' or folds on the earth's surface. Example The Himalayas.


You can illustrate some features of the folding process using the three pieces of flexible foam.


Anticline: this is defined as the crest of a fold. The part of fold that moves up is the anticline. (Anti-opposite, cline-direction).

To illustrate an ANTICLINE - an arch formed by rock layers that have been bent upward:

Overturned Anticline: When one limb of the anticline has a steep angle and the other a gentle one then it is called an overturned anticline. This is caused due to more pressure from one side.

To illustrate an OVERTURNED ANTICLINE an anticline in which one side or limb of the fold has been


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