Beginning schooling can be overwhelming for very young children. However it is also an exciting time! Friends to make, things to learn, experiences to savour! Eklavya Preschool recognizes this and strives to provide an environment that nurtures and supports.  


we believe that:

  •  A preschool sets the foundation for learning. One of the main objectives of a preschool is to develop love for schooling; building a happy and an enriching environment

  • Every child is unique and has her own potential

  • A child needs have a natural curiosity and inherent creativity.

  • Our goal is to retain this and ignite a love for learning

  • Early childhood programs ought to help build a child's self esteem by providing a child-friendly, caring and non-threatening environment

  • Early experiences are powerful and help develop cognitive skills, motor skills, emotional control, social attachment and language

  • Smaller the class, the greater the attention given to the child during learning, evaluation and feedback. The educator can also spend more time per student, and access to common resources like teaching-learning materials, library facilities, etc. Class sizes in Eklavya Preschool are restricted as shown below. 

Class No. of Students
Nursery 20
Jr. KG 20
Sr. KG 20



  • Play is an important emotional need for very young children.  

  • They enjoy play, learn from it and express themselves through it

  • Meaningful learning experiences and activities enrich a child's first encounter with schooling

  • The building of a pre-schooler's personality is greatly enhanced by a partnership between parents and educators