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A Fresh Perspective on Education


Eklavya School has developed a fresh perspective on education to enhance the value and quality of education. It believes in:

·     Mixed Group Learning: A mixed group usually represents reality better and thus prepares children better.  

      Conducive environment to learn: Environment that is child friendly, caring and non-threatening. The emphasis is on letting a child discover through exploration. Both physical and mental, for the child in play, learn and reflect. Every child learns at her own pace and moves on to greater challenges.

 ·    Individual attention: Individualized attention is probably one of the most important implications of a small class-size. The strengths and weakness of a child can be discovered by the educators here.  This is supplemented by maintaining records of each child's work. The educator shares the child's development through home visits and assessments.

·     Educators, not Teachers: The Ideal Educator is a professional, who is like a gardener who tends plants. The educator's job is to educate the child and make her a better human being.

      Continuous Evaluation: This is a process to help evaluate the child better by continuous day-to-day monitoring and feedback. The evaluation provides detailed observation.

·     All-round development: The activities designed not only effect the intellectual formation of the student but also influence the student physically, spiritually and psychologically. This will help the student develop into a balanced personality capable of becoming a productive, effective and sensitive member of the community.  

·     Enjoyable learning experiences: Learning happens through diverse activities in school. This includes individual and group activities. Diverse activities, puzzles, field visits, worksheets, projects etc makes learning a much more enjoyable and enriching process.  

·     Learning beyond classrooms: learning becomes much more effective and relevant through hands on experiences, dramatizing concepts learnt, applying the learning’s in real life experiences.  

·     Parent-School partnership: Parents are an integral part of the school community. The school learns through their wisdom and experience by maintaining close ties with them, having regular ‘Home visits’, and by interactions where the parents spend time with students talking about any issue of interest to them and the students. The school also educates parents by conducting special workshops and programmes.

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