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A       D I V I S I O N      O F      E K L A V Y A      E D U C A T I O N      F O U N D A T I O N 

  Code : TLM-M-002
Age : 9 -  11 yrs.  
  Name: Mental Math Chain - 1

Magnet magic

Inspire yourself to build ingenious architecture from pillars, columns and struts. Eight angled pieces and a cube offer you countless possibilities, to realise the potential out the strengths of your designs, « Angular» is a playground of  right-angles: A spectrum of colours within a square. Lay them flat, stand them on end or even gang them, the possibilities are infinite.

Teaching Learning Materials (TLM) can make learning much more effective and fun in classrooms.
Taleem is an initiative in this direction.

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