Technology has the potential to change our lives for the better. The use of modern educational technology makes learning more interactive and fun. Technology cannot replace the educator’s human touch, but it can aid the educator to play a more effective role.


Children use computers right from class 1, to learn, among things language and math through interesting games and exercises. A collection of over 150 CD ROMs and several applications from the Internet are accessed by students in the Computer Lab as a part of the regular curriculum. In the Middle School, computers are also used as tools to do several projects, including design, spreadsheet work, document making, etc. In all there are 24 machines, which enable children to learn independently.


The Junior School library is designed to develop a love for reading in young children. It has a small lawn of its own for pleasant outdoor reading. There are over 6,100 books, comics, encyclopedia, dictionaries, picture books etc. as well as over 100 audiocassettes and 50 videocassettes. The middle school and junior school library is a well-equipped reference centre that provides students and teachers access to almost any information they may require. The Library has network with other libraries in Ahmedabad and elsewhere, so that the students can access material from all libraries all over.

Science park

Various interactive play-cum-scientific models surround the Eklavya campus. Lissajou’s figures, double ended cone, cycloidal path, parabolic dishes, sine wave, wave motion, and Archimedes screw form part of this collection. The games provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn while having fun. Anyone can learn science phenomena’s without guidance through these play models and exhibits.

As we learn while we play, it is easy for students to learn science in an informal way.


The school has a fleet of buses to transport children from the selected stops to the school and back. It is compulsory for students to come to school by school bus only..


Children learn science best by questioning and experimenting. The School has well-equipped labs, to facilitate the process of learning by discovery. The junior school Science lab provides an opportunity for children to begin to explore the day-to-day phenomenons in a scientific manner through hands on experiences. Two fully equipped labs are a part of the Middle School: one exclusively for chemistry and the other for biology and physics. The labs are large and spacious providing ample space and opportunity for performing experiments and holding classes. Whereas, the Senior School has separate labs for all three science streams.

Teaching Learning Materials – Research and Development:

"I Listen, I Forget

I See, I Believe

I Do, I Learn"

Taleem division of EITE has developed, adopted and collected many high quality teaching learning materials for the students. EITE does continous research to incorporate and make teaching learning materials based on the latest findings in psychology and other fields.

Taleem (from TLM - Teaching Learning Materials - and also meaning ‘education’) is a unique museum of teaching aids some collected from around the world, some made at Eklavya. Sessions at Taleem are treats for children and trainees alike.